Tonya David

Tonya David is a 43 year-old mother of five and a life-long resident of Boston. Her ministry of forgiveness and positive self-development is the driving force in her life. Tonya’s outreach efforts and inspirational speaking are focused on helping others understand the profound peace that forgiveness brings the soul. She hopes to serve the community through “real talk” instead of superficial mantra.

As a person of faith, Tonya was led to the power of forgiveness as a result of a tragic violence. In the summer of 2003, her youngest child, Kai, was three years old when she was paralyzed by a stray bullet while sitting on the porch of her triple decker home in Dorchester.

Tonya did not let this senseless act of violence define her own life or those of her children. In a Boston courtroom, Tonya forgave the man who pled guilty to the shooting of her daughter. God spoke through her, and in turn, Ms. David provided a model of mercy and forgiveness for her family and the whole city of Boston.

Today, Tonya is the founder of Forgiveness Is The Way, a self-help, non-profit educational services program. Ms. David focuses on community outreach and providing workshops that lead others to understand that as the organization’s credo states, “the quality of life you live each and every day is determined by the choices you are willing to make. Making the choice to forgive can be difficult, yet it is so necessary.” Forgiveness can be the bridge out of the darkness of fear, rage, self-hate, and destruction.

She follows the example of the Lord, who implores us in Colossians
3:13 “Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may
have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”